Our number one priority is the security of your servers and facilities. To be able to guarantee this priority at all times, our data center has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and extremely reliable systems.


  • Full redundancy

    In a data center, everything stands or falls by redundancy . If one system should fail, the other takes over flawlessly. LCL delivers this redundancy in every area, providing the perfect guarantee for the secure management of your data.

    Permanent power supply

    Our three data centers guarantee you have a constant supply of power at all times. The emergency generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with battery back-up mean there will not be even a millisecond’s interruption to the power.

    Efficient cooling

    Air-conditioning units with separate cold-water circuits guarantee the right temperature at all times. Perforated floor tiles ensure the even distribution of chilled air.

    Outstanding fire protection

    Smoke detectors provide constant fire detection, both in the ceiling and under the raised floor. The fire-extinguishing system includes FM200, a special gas that extracts the oxygen from the air and reduces the temperature while not being harmful for your health.

    Flawless leak detection system 

    A water leak detection system immediately identifies and locates the presence of any water.

    Disaster recovery & business continuity

    By calling on our secure environment and specialised systems, you can develop your own disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.










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